Our Story
Gamers Parents Rejoice!

We Believe Gaming Is A Way Of Life

At BabyGlitch, we believe in bringing families together through gaming plain and simple. Games to us are more than just entertainment, they are deep mediums that allow us to experience complex stories, experience other worlds and push ourselves to a level of dedication to overcome unique challenges that teach us how to never give up and to always push on. BabyGlitch was designed to be true-to-form and offers a unique custom design that looks and feels like the real thing. Our goal is to allow you to share with your family those very same things that helped shape your own childhood. With BabyGlitch, you are sure to get the whole family in the game!

As A Gamer, We Needed This Ourselves

After the amazing day that Luca came into our lives, we realized just how hard it was to find anything that was relatable for us especially for boys. Even though the role of a dad has changed over the years, the market has not and our goal was to help create the movement. As daily gamers, Seth & Mishelle set out to create something that they hoped could be enjoyed by Mom & Dad gamers everywhere.

Co-Founders & Partners Seth & Mishelle Bruce have over 12 years of experience in the design industry through their business CKO Digital, working with start-ups to help them with Branding, Ecommerce, Website Design & Social Media. They have worked with many amazing brands including Tecovas Boots, Elmhurst, NASA, Douglas Pads, 44 Farms, and Firstline Brands, it was time to do something that felt special to them!