Super Glitch In Aqua Teether
Super Glitch In Aqua Teether
Super Glitch In Aqua Teether
Super Glitch In Aqua Teether
Super Glitch In Aqua Teether

Super Glitch In Aqua Teether

For Ages 3+ Months & Up!

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Inspired by your favorite 16-bit console that brought us games like Super Mario, Street Figher and Star Fox. The Super Glitch offers a unique design with 4 large buttons that have a super satisfying pop. When paired with a cool texture and unqiue color scheme, the Super Glitch is sure to make bring back amazing memories for those older games and allow them to make new ones at the same time.

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Movable Joysticks Poppable Buttons 100% BPA Free

Movable Silicone Joysticks

Specially designed with solid core joysticks, BabyGlitch controllers are engineered with safety first and full 360 degree movability to bring new players into the game at any time or any place.

Popper Buttons

Don't settle for controllers or toys that do nothing! BabyGlitch was designed to be as real as possible with satisfying poppable buttons! Our controllers and toys include multiple sensory features that will help your little one build dexterity, hand eye coordination, and fine motor skills.

100% BPA Free Silicone

Made of 100% BPA free food grade silicone! We chose the best material in the industry from one of the leading baby product manufacturers to be sure we have the best quality on the market.

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